New location for Agrichem

Agri-Chem, LLC couldn’t be more excited about the fall of 2020 and many years to come!

Agrichem's new interior

We will be moving to our new headquarters very soon.  The West 15th Street location has been our home since the company was founded in 1976.  During this time, we have seen many changes to the agriculture community as farms have become larger and more efficient.  Agri-Chem realized the need to grow as well utilizing new technology, transportation, and economies of scale.  Our new headquarters and fertilizer facility is adjacent to Hopkinsville Elevator Casky branch and Commonwealth Agri-Energy.  This location allows us to address many safety concerns we currently face at the West 15th location.   Entering and exiting this facility is difficult due to a heavy traffic volume and a small two-lane road.  Pembroke Road is much better suited for the large equipment necessary in today’s retail agri-business.

The new facility is large enough to house accounting, purchasing, and management in one location.  Technological updates are available throughout the office and warehouse/shop area.  New inventory procedures and storage racks will allow us to better account for chemical inventory.  Many suppliers have provided new bulk tanks, increasing our bulk chemical storage from 54,000 gallons to 102,800 gallons.  To aid in bulk chemical dispersion, we will integrate a computer-controlled system to monitor and disperse chemicals.  Using our drive through warehouse it will now be a breeze to pick up chemicals, saving you time when you need it most. 

Aerial ViewThe newly constructed state of the art fertilizer handling and distribution facility will further allow us to grow with you.  This facility has the capability of receiving fertilizer from semi-trucks as well as our newly added rail spur.  The new facility has a storage capacity of 12,200 tons of bulk dry fertilizer.  This is made of 4 – 3000-ton bins and 4 small micro bins.  To move all the product out we have incorporated a weight loss Yargus blender.  The blender can load a 48,000 lb. semi in less than 10 minutes, whereas the same load would have taken close to 45 minutes at the 15th street location. What does that mean for our cooperators?  We will be able to spread your fields more efficiently, because of less down time waiting on product to be delivered to our applicators.   

The new facilities will allow Agri-Chem and Hopkinsville Elevator to further prepare for the future of agriculture in Kentucky and surrounding areas.  We can’t wait for you to see all that Agri-Chem can do for you. 

David Buchanan
General Manager
Agri-Chem, LLC